Vessel CORINE Moored to dock # 9, Marina Mazatlan, Mazatlan, Mexico. This page has been
designated the start page for the site. The author has attempted to depict verbally and pictorially a
northbound passage up the coast of Baja to the Southern California area from Mazatlan primarily
useful for the relatively inexperienced, singlehanders and shorthanded crews. For these, its a;must to
proceed from anchorage to anchorage and for the most part, its more fun this way, that is if fun can be
had on a northbound trip, the stops can give the crew more rest. This of course does not apply to the
multi crewed delivery boats, crew members consisting of a Captain and unpaid friends, relatives and
acquaintances. They simply fill up the boat with fuel, haul anchor and proceed to destination, through
thick and thin. As a general rule, the northbound passage is a daunting task with prevailing weather
from the northwest, heading to the northwest. An analogy would be salmon swimming up a swift
stream to spawn, jumping up and over waterfalls with a bears standing by ready to snare one from
time to time as depicted by various documentaries on such matters. These routines have been
reasonably successful for the author however, as stated by the old adage, '"there is more than one way
to skin a cat". With apologies to the cat fanciers. The basic reference is the book entitled Charlie's
Charts, so the author is only submitting his experiences and hopefully a few additional tips as how to
urge a small sailboat northward against wind and weather.

As of at least March of 2002, Marina Mazatlan was still closed with the lawsuit pending, date of opening
unknown but will be determined. More than likely the Isla will have slips available but when traffic
increases they will be unavailable as they were last fall. That leaves El Cid which is not the favorite
marina of most cruisers, El Cid is mostly a hotel and time share complex and cruisers are not the
primary customer so they are not cruiser oriented as is Marina Mazatlan. For instance, for a nominal
fee, check in and check out is accomplished by Marina Mazatlan by fax, this service is not offered by
Marina El Cid, they simply tell you to do your own which is done by taxi. An e-mail message has been
sent to the Marina Mazatlan requesting status and the author will keep the site advised. The author has
had ample opportunity to use the services of both marinas  and so is well qualified to render his
comments in this regard.  So therefore, for these comments please refer to the page listed below
entitled Marine Products and Services. The author and entourage consisting of wife and cat, plan
another cruise to Mazatlan in the fall of 2004 and will update the site accordingly.

The author has completed 10 one way passages across the Sea of Cortes either Mazatlan to Cabo
San Lucas/Cabo San Lucas to Mazatlan or Mazatlan to Frailes or vice versa. Of these 10, two were
completed by sail alone, four by a combination of sail and motor, four were a motorboat trip all the way.
Significant weather will more than likely be the northerly winds that blow during the fall and winter
months. Normally they come from the high northwest to the northeast at a speed of up 45 knots or
more necessitating foul weather gear and shortened sail. Even this, beats grinding up the little engine.

Mazatlan is mostly a tourist town consisting of Canadian and American tourist as well as fishermen,
and cruisers. The local for free flyer, the Pacific Pearl, provides a list of the local Restaurants
patronized by the above and of this group the author prefers Chili's Pepper.

The available links for the site can be navigated to by the way of the link button above, they are listed at
the port side of the page and are arranged in logical order for passage up the coast of Baja depicting
usable anchorages. After activation of a link and viewing a page, use the back button or the Home link  
to return to the other links. Inasmuch as the photos are the basis of the site, the viewers patience is
requested since activation of the photos takes a minute or two, they are large photos.

We have just received a response to an e-mail message to Marina Mazatlan and they state that the
marina is now open, the lawsuit apparently has been settled and dismissed, the marina apparently
has been sold since the name is now the Desarrollo Marina Mazatlan.

The link for this section lists the services for the most part in the Southern California area and are
services the author has had ample opportunity to use over the years.  Products  of course are from all
areas. In all cases, services and products were used by the author or the author had close personal
knowledge of such services.  Some of the information contained in MARINAS and BOATYARDS may be
redundant since more specific information regarding these items can be obtained by clicking on the
link below entitled
THE LOG. The researcher will note on the port side of this newspaper a listing
containing the above as well as a plethora of usable information.   It is amazing to the author that some
as listed in this site,  only a few, can stay in business on the basis of the way they are operated.  The
problems encountered are almost always created by employees with the attitude of  "I just work here."
The author has made every effort to be entirely objective and not merely to "spew out my invective,"
even though he would certainly love to do so.
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